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This desktop is a break from the usual; I personally dislike the somewhat cold feel of minimalism so I went for this colorful yet calm style because I like having a soothing backdrop before I start work/play.


I took an offering from Wallpaper Wednesday and added a few touches of my own, upon which I set the following skins via Rainmeter:

- Simplicity for the SSD and HDD meters

- Encoded for the time and date (I feel that this is almost overused but it's a classic)


- Desk Cloud 2 for the system monitors

- Cabal for the Now Playing widget

- Mii System Skin 2 for the Recycle Bin

- Eclipse 2 Icons for the taskbar

I also edited the opacities of some of the widgets with Photoshop/Rainmeter so it blends better with the desktop.


It displays all the information I need (except for weather and finance, but I use Windows 8.1's Metro apps for those), but I'd like to think that it's the wallpaper that's the centerpiece for this desktop rather than the widgets surrounding it, which is why I kept them in a single area at the bottom so they don't obstruct too much of the wallpaper.

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